Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

Welcome to our Atollbazaar platform! Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using our services.

By accessing or using our site, you agree to comply with and be bound by these terms.

 If you do not agree with any part of these terms, please do not use our services.

1. Listing Guidelines: We offer free basic listings for products and services on this site. Only users residing in Maldives can list products and services sold within Maldives. Ensure that listed items are legal, and you have the right to sell them.

Prohibited Items:

  • Intoxicants (alcoholic beverages, drugs)
  • Tobacco products (cigarettes, hookah, accessories)
  • Electronic cigarettes and accessories
  • Dating and adult services
  • Pornographic material
  • Offensive content
  • Prescription drugs
  • Misleading treatment claims
  • Referral ads
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Stolen, counterfeit, and pirated goods
  • Non-original products labeled as original
  • Links to other classifieds and online shopping sites
  • Currency

Duplicate listings are not allowed. Re-listing is permitted every 5 days. Failure to adhere may result in listings being marked as spam.

2. User Account: Choose a username without offensive language. Once registered, accounts cannot be deleted, only deactivated upon request. Only one account per mobile number is allowed. Update your mobile number promptly; otherwise, we may disable or edit the account.

3. Account Activity: Accounts inactive for over five years may be canceled. Selling under existing brand/trade names requires ownership proof. Your atollbazaar.com account can be used across other Atoll Bazaar-managed sites.

4. Transactions: Buyers and sellers are responsible for trade terms, including delivery and payment. We are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from transactions.

5. Listing Approval: We reserve the right to reject inappropriate listings. Unrealistic or misleading listings may be rejected or edited.

6. Refunds & Returns: For Atoll Bazaar services, refunds are not applicable unless the service is not received. For products, agree on refund and return policies with sellers before making a purchase.

7. Auctions: By placing an item on auction, you agree to sell to the highest bidder, not withdraw before closing, and not place bids on your items to manipulate prices. Failure to honor an auction results in being blocked. Bidders agree to purchase items at the bid price.

8. Violation Consequences: Failure to comply with these terms may lead to account suspension.

9. Updates: These terms may change without notice. Stay informed about changes by reading our Listing Policy, which is part of our Terms of Use.

We retain the right to decline any listings that we consider inappropriate for publication on this site. We also reserve the right to reject listings that we perceive as unrealistic.

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